Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

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Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

If you are unable to operate pedals on a car in the standard way these can be adapted or replaced with hand controls to enable acceleration and braking.

There are a variety of options with some controls combining accelerator and brake in one control. You can use an accelerator only hand control with a foot brake or vica-versa.

For a full list of options, please read below.

Easy Handbrake

Hand Trigger

Steering Aids

Infra Red Hand Controls

Ideal for someone with limited movement in the upper body, infra-red hand controls bring everything to your fingertips. This make it easier to manage certain functions in your car, which makes it easier and safer, plus more comfortable. The control also has steering wheel ball which is very close to the controls.

Infra Red hand Controls

Push and Pull Hand Controls

If you are unable to use the foot control pedals in a car, a push pull device allows control of speed by hand. This system is totally mechanical and does take a little more pressure to operate than the electric version below.

Push and Pull hand Controls

Electric Hand Controls

These are similar to Push/Pull hand controls, but with varied types of electronic hand controls connected to the accelerator giving a lighter touch and much easier control of speed.

Electric hand Controls

Steering Wheel Ball Control

If you have difficulty holding or turning a steering wheel or have the use of only one hand , having a steering wheel ball fitted means you will have more control when steering your car.

Steering Ball Control

Easy Release Hand Brake

If you have limited strength or flexibility in your arms an easy release handbrake device will reduce the effort needed to apply and release the hand brake.

Easy Release Hand Brake

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