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Wheelchair Stowage for Disabled Drivers

Getting a wheelchair into a car requires strength and the correct car. Some wheelchair users can put their chair into the back of the car and walk the few steps around to the front. People that are unable to do this may transfer into the car and then pull their wheelchair in behind the front seats or lift it onto the front passenger seat.

If you are unable to get a wheelchair into a car or you are looking for a better way to do this, we provide two solutions to help make this possible.


Hoist Demo

Hoist Removal

Swivel Seats

This is a replacement vehicle seat. It is designed to aid entry and exit by turning 90 degrees and can make transfer to a wheelchair easier - another version (shown) which is available allows the seat to transfer from the vehicle onto a set of specially designed wheels which then makes a full wheel chair. This second design makes storage of the wheel chair frame extremely easy, and allows more luggage and passenger room in the vehicle.

Swivel Seats

Electric Hoist

If you are unable to lift your wheel chair into the boot an electric hoist can be installed which will solve this problem by easily taking the weight and manoeuvring the chair into your car. This system does assume that either you have some mobility or you have a carer to assist you.

Electric Hoist

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